Turning the Tables

I love working with independent authors. There’s nothing better than the look on an author’s face when they see their book in print for the first time. Their excitement and pride are palpable.

I just never expected to be in that position myself. But today the tables are turned, as my own book went live on Amazon. I confess it’s a little overwhelming.

The book, Through an Open Door: A Life and a Ministry, is the culmination of an extraordinary journey more than three years in the making. But the many hours of Zoom meetings, conference calls, research, and writing have finally come to fruition.

I am profoundly grateful to Bishop Peter Elder Hickman and the Ecumenical Catholic Communion for entrusting me with their story as they approach the twentieth anniversary of the ECC’s founding. It was a genuine privilege to be able to gather the memories and visions of so many faithful, Spirit-filled people. I’m inspired by their story so far, and eager to see where the next stage of their journey leads.