Turning the Tables

I love working with independent authors. There’s nothing better than the look on an author’s face when they see their book in print for the first time. Their excitement and pride are palpable.

I just never expected to be in that position myself. But today the tables are turned, as my own book went live on Amazon. I confess it’s a little overwhelming.

The book, Through an Open Door: A Life and a Ministry, is the culmination of an extraordinary journey more than three years in the making. But the many hours of Zoom meetings, conference calls, research, and writing have finally come to fruition.

I am profoundly grateful to Bishop Peter Elder Hickman and the Ecumenical Catholic Communion for entrusting me with their story as they approach the twentieth anniversary of the ECC’s founding. It was a genuine privilege to be able to gather the memories and visions of so many faithful, Spirit-filled people. I’m inspired by their story so far, and eager to see where the next stage of their journey leads.

Tiptoeing into a Post-Pandemic World

What a long, strange trip it’s been! It’s a cliche, but it’s never been more true than in this COVID-plagued world of ours. So many losses, so much suffering … we will find some kind of new normal, but the normal we once knew is never coming back.

Along with everyone else, Pilgrim Spirit Communications is moving ahead and looking for that new normal. Work here continued throughout the pandemic shutdown – one of the advantages of remote work – and the fruits of that work are beginning to appear.

In hindsight, perhaps one of the year’s least surprising developments was an increased interest in memoirs. Pandemic isolation seems to have sparked an interest in personal reflection and storytelling.

In November 2020, Pilgrim Spirit Communications published Speak Your Truth, by Emma Anne. This powerful firsthand account of one young woman’s struggle with mental illness is not to be missed. Pilgrim Spirit has also provided manuscript evaluation and editing services for several other memoirs in various stages of development. One of those memoirs will be published in the next few weeks; watch this space for the big announcement!

In other news, fans of Paul W. Martin’s Adepts and Demons series will be happy to learn that Book Four, The Mad God, is currently in editing and expected to publish by the end of the year. Time to start rereading Books One through Three!

What has this strange year been like for you? Maybe it’s time for you to tell your pandemic story!

And the winner is . . .

PNWA award 20160730_200308_resizedPilgrim Spirit Communications had a big night at the annual conference of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association in July. Nick Briejer, author of The Sweet Dell, received the 2016 Nancy Pearl Book Award for Best Book–Memoir at the organization’s awards dinner. Congratulations, Nick, the honor is well deserved!

The Sweet Dell was edited and published by Pilgrim Spirit. Since the award announcement, we have begun production on an e-book version of The Sweet Dell, and it will be available soon for your favorite e-reader.